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I am way behind on posting this...

My family has owned a cottage on Snowshoe Bay, Henderson for 80 years and have caught countless fish. But I personally have never caught Walleye.

For my 55th birthday, my wonderful daughters booked passage on Sunken Treasure charters. They are supposed to be the best for Walleye.


So on June 22nd we went out with Gene and Sam.... I think the pics speak for themselves!


Gene and Sam were awesome. Very relaxed, allowed us to do all of the fishing except the prep. Many captains freak out if you touch their gear. The only rule was no rules! Follow Gene's direction and land HUGE HOGS! And yes, they were the most delicious fish I have ever eaten from Lake O. They even provided us with some tasty Polish beers!


If you like to catch Walleye, if you like to eat the best tasting fish in the lake, if you want a good time and have amazing results, there is only one place to go: Sunken Treasure Fishing Charters!!!


Thanks so much Gene and Sam! I will Def be seeing you again!55369.jpeg55389.jpeg55390.jpeg55385.jpeg55386.jpeg55383.jpeg


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