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Fish Hawk X4


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Got an issue guys... Im bringing my cousin up to fingerlakes as he just enlisted in the ARMY and I am taking him away fishing for a week before he ships out.  At any rate, In preparation for coming up I decided to change the batteries in my X4 probe.  Unfortunately when I changed the batteries one of the terminal connectors that was connected to the battery pack had disintegrated.  I called Fish hawk and they told me to remove the battery pack connector.  I did so and the connector was also disintegrated. I had FIsh USA overnight one to me but in the event that this thing doesnt come Friday, can anyone confirm which lead (positive/negative) goes to the pin connectors on the probe?  I think I have some old motherboard connectors that will fit but it was that disintegrated that I cant tell which went where.


Thanks for the help!



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