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Best Ontario Boat salmon/trout opinions

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I’m new to this site and would like your opinion. I’m retired now and have time again for fishing, and I am looking to purchase a great sport fishing type boat. I have a budget between $75,000 to $125,000. I’d like it to be between 28-35’, with functioning cabin so I could stay on boat from time to time. I realize it would be a used boat in that prize range. What’s your opinions on the best out there for my budget?

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I love my Rampage, not sure what size you could find in that price range? Probably a used 28/30 footer but it would be a salt water boat. Fresh water Rampage boats are hard to find and over your price range. But they are true blue water express fishing boats.

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What will be the range of crew size when you go fishing? I downsized from a 27 to a 24 for retirement fishing so I can trailer it around if I want to.


If you’re going to be like most retirees, you’ll find you will start picking your days and avoiding rough weather that you would have fished before on a day off when your free time was limited by work.


If I had your budget, I’d consider a RV and a large trailerable boat and expand your fishing opportunities rather than be tied down to one port with a 30’+ boat.



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That’s enough money to cover the tackle and rods idk if you’ll have enough for a boat.. 😂 Jk

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John makes some great points. One of the things you find in general when being retired (i have been for 17 years now) is that many friends and fishing buddies are still working and aren't able to fish when you wish to go and fishing just on weekends really sucks in some places because of the increased recreational boat traffic. Having a trailerable boat also offers the opportunity to visit and fish in many different locations widening your horizons and offering increased learning opportunities. It can get old fishing the same water all the time or limiti yourself to the same social opportunities to meet people. There are pro s and cons to everything in life so sometimes it pays to make a list of them and then review it critically and it can offer some surprises as well.You are also not stuck with paying the inflated prices for fuel at marinas. Just some thoughts to throw in the pot.

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