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Fixed broad heads

bout time

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I have been shooting G5 Stryker. I have had good luck with them but have broken some blades with rib shots. So I’m thinking about trying something different. I tried the Montec but couldn’t get them to fly right even after tuning.


Looking to see what everyone’s opinions are on the following


Muzzy Trocar

Muzzy MX4

Wasp Havalon HV


Also looking for a decent head for black Bear.


I have rage, and also NAP spitfire but i prefer fixed over mechanicals



‘Bout Time


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Been using 100 grain rage for years and they work great leave a big gash and fly great the swhacker broad heads also work great and cost 10 bucks less . You will likely wast a bunch of money trying to find a fix blade that shoots the same  as a field   point your bow needs to be in perfect tune and still need to find the right arrow and broadhead combo . I can tell you that can be a pain in the ass with crossbows they just dont like broadheads at 400 fps the only thing my crossbow will shoot is nap sling blades and swhackers . GOOD LUCK 

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On 9/12/2019 at 2:23 PM, Norm Moser said:

 take a look also at the wac"em broad heads they are great, no tuning fly like a field point and strong, I have killed a lot of deer with them. go to there web sight I think you will like what you see.. hope this helps  


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I started shooting ramcat diamondbacks last year and really like them. I think the concave ferrule and helical blades help flight a lot. Plus they have the added bonus of the backside of the blade sharpened so they cut on the way out if you dont get a pass through.

Muzzy trocar have helical blades as well and seem to be a great head. Definitely interested in those new havalon wasps that came out this year as well. I’m a bit of a broadhead whore...

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