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Hope to get after landlock and Lakers, browns.  Starting a Deans.  Any word on he area.  I usually fish long point south east side. 


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    • Cayuga 11/2/19

      Good day on the lake today with a new friend. Little muddy on the south end. Moved up to tfalls boasted 3 lakers , 1 Skippy Salmon , 1 long line release not bad for November   Sent from my SM-S327VL using Lake Ontario United mobile app    

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    • Cayuga 10/25

      Solo trip out of South end.  Ran flat lines with spoons & stickbaits.  Did 4 Browns & 2 Salmon.  Temp on top was 53.  The Browns were all in the 2lb range, full of Gobies.  Salmon were both small. Trolled E side, mostly 20 - 60 FOW.  After one Brown spit up a Gobie on the boat, I put it aside so I could get a picture. 10 minutes later I realized I still needed that pic, so got it and tossed the Gobie over board.  This one looked like the tail section was starting to get digeste

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      Any word yet looking to get my dad out before it gets too Cold. Thanks in advance

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    • Cayuga

      Thinking about fishing this Sat. Any recent activity?   Sent from my SM-S327VL using Lake Ontario United mobile app    

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    • Cayuga 10/21

      After nearly a month off the water I finally had some free time this morning.  Left Dean's and went South by the power plant to hit some spots that were active last October.  Marked plenty of fish down 100-120 over 130-150 but after an hour and a half only one catch, a miniature lake trout that took a spoon but never even triggered the release. Decided to poke around on the West side from Kidders up to Sheldrake.  Found groups of active landlocks down 40-60,  but the largest of the bunch ba

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