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Custom 6.5 Creedmoor

Miss em

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Just got my new rifle that was put together by Hart Rifle Barrels.  First class job all the way.  Hart barrel, Defiance Deviant Hunter Action, McMillan Stock, VX-5 Glass and TriggerTech trigger.  Jim shot one quick group with the other day and it is a tack driver with factory Winchester Expedition loads.  

hammer 1.jpg

hammer 2.jpg

hammer 3.jpg

hammer 4.jpg

hammer 5.jpg

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For those folks not familiar with the cartridge/weapon or wondering how it compares with the .308 here is a pretty good article



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I think I will buy a 6.5 in savage axis.  A few of my buddies from my platoon love this caliber.  They recommended it cause I have to go to lower cal cause of my neck surgeon won’t allow the 30-06 or my 12 guage. I guess 95 grain varmint bullet is great and the 120 grain flattens whitetail. I was thinking 243 but he talked me out of it. Looking forward to it. Thats a beautiful gun

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