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Yamaha HT8 question


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I got my control box in, kicker mounted,fuel hooked up ,most all wiring done.Problem is I dont have a picture or instructions for hooking the cables and brackets to the front of the motor. Anyone got a service manual or instructions on how to do this? I would imagine the adjustments are critical.

My email is

[email protected]

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Hank the owners manual does not have the info I need.

One more problem Ive been thinking about. I have dual

batteries with a battery selector switch. Ive read somewhere

that you should not connect both engines to one battery.for

the reason that both engines may be running at the same time.

Could burn the stator out.... Do you have a schmatic for dual engine,dual battery,single battery selector switch?

My battery switch is OFF 1 DUAL 2

Also all my electronics are fed off the main engine key. Will

it be alright to have that key switch on when running the trolling motor?

Am I making more of a project of this than I need to?

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fishstix, i fish on my friends boat and at times the both motors, main and 9.9HT yama, never had a problem. i personally run two seperate

electrical systems, i have everything i fish with wired to my 9.9HT yama

downriggers,fishfinder ,fishhawk, radio etc. has its own battery etc. the

boat is wired as it was when i bought it. doing this for 12 yrs , even run

two seperate fuel systems, portable tank on swim platform for 9.9. never

had a prob.

john :)

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