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Cayuga Cayuga 9/21

Reel Doc

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Up and out on the water in time to enjoy the sunrise with my first mate.  She's been growing!

Southeast breeze so ran a mile South of Sheldrake and worked North along the West side.  Loads of marks but very tight lips this morning.  Ended up with just 2 Lakers on flies off the 500 copper.  Spoons were silent.

Pulling lines about 9:30 and watched a bald eagle swoop down and snatch a fish about 30 yards in front of the boat!!

Sometimes the best trips are not about the most fish caught.....a beautiful morning




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My dad and I went out of Myers yesterday morning. Crossed below the girl scout camp and fished the west side heading north. Lots of bait in 75 to 100 ft of water all through the water column. Ran through that but didnt pick up anything. Finally got 1 laker on a gambler rig in 140. Then the ol mam decided he had had enough and we came in. Not many fish but a great time together. Nice pup! 

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wonderful time on the water. caught two lakers one salmon.Putting boat on trailer at Long Point ,electric winch decided to burn out, manual crank twisted off, Big thank you to a pair of gentlemen at ramp who helped get boat on trailer. 6 ratchet straps later we carefully traveled home. 5000 lb Pen Yan was quite a load for physically loading, thank you again. Hope I can pay this good dead forward

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