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Keuka water temps?


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Bob, thanks. You think the bass are still in there summer patterns?


70 degrees f at pen yan water treatment plant..   I personally don't like sept for bass in any of the finger lakes... They are much more active in late oct.. That water is still very warm. Its been a very warm sept..... bob

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 Look, its always worth a shot, so don't let my opinion sway you very much.. I just don't do near as well   at the end of a very warm september, as I do at the end of a cool october.. Actually for me personally, November is my best bass month by far, and always has been, BUT, I fish mostly Smallmouths, not Largemouths, and they do like cooler water.. Right at this time, if i wanted Largemouths out of Keuka i would fish  weed edges from say 10-20 feet at the north end with big live shiners, and leave the plastic worms at home...  Smallmouths I would fish rocky points with crayfish colored  jigs  in 20 foot or so of water... bob

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Caught multiple large small mouth in the NE corner during or FLTA event last Sunday. 

They are suspended on bait out there 40-50'.  Hot lure for them was a jointed shad rap in perch.  Our largest was 20" many 3 to 4 lbers in there.

We were trolling.. 

Water temp was 70.

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