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I'm thinking of making a few last trips up to lake O this coming weekend as long as the south wind holds. I've never fished this time of year up there. I'd be launching from Mexico and probably headed towards the salmon river. Looking to target anything that bites..browns, steelhead, late kings. So, where would you start? 15 ft of water with planers? Deeper? If the inshore bite isnt good how deep for steelhead? 100ft, 200ft? Just looking for a starting point to atleast make sure I'm in the right ballpark.



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Plan is set, as long as the weather holds. Headed up to mexico saturday, sunday, and monday for one last push before I put the boat up. I'm thinking l start shallow in 10 to 20 fow with two boards and one downrigger over by the mouth of the SR. Then work my way out. If the lake lays down one of the days I might shoot out to 150 or so and head north. Here's to hoping anyway. I'll post what happens 

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Ended up making the trip up yesterday. Launched out of Mexico and headed towards the SR. Blank screens in tight from 15 fow to 60 fow. A couple nice screens around 30 fow. No bites. Shot out to 160 and headed north. 5 mins after putting the rods in the one at 80 fires. I grabbed it immediately but nothing was there. Didnt move another rod. Funny enough, when I was getting the boat packed up in 15 fow to the west of the launch channel I saw the best screens I've seen all day. I wish I started heading towards oswego vs. the SR. O well. It was an insanely beautiful morning even if no fish we caught. 





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