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Scope for pistol


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Looking to put a scope on my Taurus 44mag 6" 

I use it for deer search dispatching and when I see one down but not out at 40 yards my old aim is not so great. What you like for a field pistol



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If you want a scope Burris makes a 2x 20mm that I have on my 44mag Black hawk Works great but often I wish it was a little wider.


I also have a 2.5-8x 32mm Leupold on an encore 7mm-08 wider but at 8x it’s a pain to get lined up with the long eye relief, I found I only use it at 2.5x unless at the range.


I have a contender 30-30, that has an ultra dot 30mm on it. Ultra dot is the way to go if you want a red dot, they hold up the best to recoil, go with 30mm for the field of view over 1”


I hunt exclusively with pistols and have bought wrong many times, go with the strongest mount you can find, field of view and alignment comes second if you use if for hunting.


For my 44 mag the double tap 240gr kieth cartridges are great for white tail.


Have fun!



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