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Cayuga Keeping trout & salmon running in the tribs


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I'm curious, for those who fish the FLX tribs, do you keep most of your fish? I caught a couple of landlock salmon this morning in Fall Creek and they seem to be pretty fresh out of the lake. Trying to decide whether I want to smoke or eat fresh. I've only caught a handful in the past 4 years that I've lived here and usually just catch & release so I'm not sure how they eat. I'm assuming the browns are a bit better eating. Anyway, just curious to hear from others and what you prefer. Thanks! 

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1 hour ago, Gill-T said:

That fish hasn’t been up the creek long enough to probably be impacted by the contamination 

 absolutely.. Not only that. its running, fast moving water thats been flooded and had the bottom  rocks sediments scoured countless times... Most of the crap from the gun factory is out in the lake, buried deep under sediment, where it should probably stay.. I would have NO problem eating anything out of fall creek... bob

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8 hours ago, kayslay said:

What about the baitfish that live in there year round? I'm not a scientist, with no data I chose to let those fish go. To each their own...lot of nice clean fish to be had on the downrigger.

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Understood.. No argument but remember, every spring fall and even into winter, guys troll the south end of the lake with flatlines and planers, and keep and eat what they catch.. They troll so close to the sewage treatment   outflow,  they could hit it with a cast.. bob

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Ultimately we don't know what levels of heavy metals an individual fish has, regardless of where it's caught in the lake.   The DEC does provide guidelines on amounts to consume and it stands to reason those guidelines are very conservative. 

 I'm more willing to consume a trout caught in Cayuga vs a store bought fish from who knows where.  It's also a bonus knowing time from water to table and being able to trim all fat away.   Farmed raised fish are not the same as wild caught in terms of potential residues in the meat but not knowing where raised makes me nervous.  And certainly any fish/shellfish from Asian or South American countries are buyer beware as there is no reliable oversight by any food agency.  We can complain about many things wrong with government in this country, but overall good safety is very good.

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