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Fredo's Bro says the lake level is the new norm..

Bozeman Bob

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That’s The reason the draw down starts in Jan. The St. Lawrence seaway needs to keep the level high in the channels. Shipping season ends on Dec 31. Then the draw down starts. Way too late to help Lake O



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On 10/24/2019 at 4:23 AM, rolmops said:

I'm curious as to how you will accuse the Governor of letting the lake level drop too far if he lowers it now the way you want to.

It pays to be informed before loudly expressing the mood you are in. Just for fun you should check the amount of water being released now.

I know of a politician, whom you may have voted for, who would probably try to sell all the water in the lake after promising you that he would protect the lake.



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That is assuming that the "drain" is capable of discharging at the same volume and rate that the " faucet" allows water in at.  If the outlet does not have capacity to handle what is coming in, even with the drain wide open, the bathtub overflows all over the floor.  This is also complicated by the people who live along the Saint Lawrence, and the people who live just downstream of the river, in Montreal and further downstream.


When you build your house in the flood plain, once in a while you are going to have the floodplain on your house.

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I find it absolutely amazing that we've had record high levels twice in the past 4 years and am being told this is the new normal.  I thought these were to be 500 year events?  Obviously the "science is settled"......NOT!


Heavier late spring snows hanging around into late April in the entire Great Lakes watershed plus mid to late spring rains helping to melt the remaining snow must be a factor.


What is the incoming flow data from the upper lakes? 


How much reclaimed lands elevation was set on non-relevant lake levels?  Toronto Island as an example?  They should have made it 5 feet higher.

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