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Captian course

Perrys No Peep

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Every Sat + Sun month of March

What’s the price with 25% off??
My wife and I would both like to take it.

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This man is a wealth of knowledge in our field. I've been a captain for 20 years thru sea tech .awesome training. A lot of things with the information given here are weak at best.
It is not the responsibility of the instructor to insure the new captain is enrolled in a drug testing program .
Since I've been captain..The Maritme Consortium has handled my drug compliance
Through Quest Diagnostic. Been like that for 20 years. No issues.
Has far as his credibility..I have a hard time accepting ANY kind of decision other than the right thing to do.
He's a good man
Just my judgement of a man I respect
Captain Dave Shedd..Mexico Bay
Thanks Dennis !!!

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