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Trailer tires for the winter

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I have two boats that I leave out during the winter months. I usually take the tires off the trailers for the Winter, but this is getting old and so am I. The trailer tires set on concrete during this time.  Other than moving South, does anyone use some type of spray on them for the Winter and if so, what would be the best brand.

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 put them on wood if possible, although the black top won't really  hurt  them. Worst case they get a temporary  "flat spot" that goes away after driving on them a few miles when the weather warms up in spring.
. Best idea for ANY trailer is to simply cover the tires, keeping the sunlight off of them.. The ultra violet  radiation from the sun , as well as ozone causes  the "dry rot" cracking that occurs in trailer tires,, There are other factors as well, but they are the big ones.. Keep the tires  covered up when not in use and they will last a LOT longer... Some circular  plywood cut outs, or even just a couple proper size pieces of cardboard will work fine. bob

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