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Underwater Walleye Trolling Bites, Strikes & Follows 2019


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OK this is it! My favourite underwater video that I have ever made. Super clear shots of big schools of walleye, nice strikes and structure. Ever wonder what it looks like when the walleyes bite your crankbait. This is the video for you. It shows how walleyes react to slow trolling and fast trolling. We were trolling for walleyes using a 30 ft Tail dancer from Rapala and reef runner crankbaits. This was all shot at Elk Island Lodge on Gods Lake, Manitoba, Canada. Thank you for watching !! Make sure you subscribe and stay tuned for more Underwater strike videos of Northern Pike and walleye. Camera Used: Water Wolf HD v1.1

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Awesome video ! Thanks for sharing.

I do have to say, I laughed when you hooked that first eye. I've watched all the king and steel under water footage and it's a disaster to watch after one is hooked, yet the leather boot walleye allows for a wonderful video from hookset to cooler.

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