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leader line in tributary


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There are two reasons to employ  lighter leader section.  One is to maybe better deceive the fish with the smaller diameter leader section, especially if you are using beads or smaller baits.  The second is so that when you get hung up and have to break off, you are not leaving a long section of 12lb hanging downstream to hang up subsequent drifts, only the lighter short (4 ft  is the length limit, but 2 ft is fine) leader.  Holes like the parking lot can get clogged with mono and be almost impossible to fish until someone pulls the long mono strands out. 

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Low clear water 4lb flouro, 6lb for anything else. Otherwise 75%+ of fish will pass on your offering in my experience. Keep your float on the mainline to avoid losing it from hangups. Use blackbird or similar micro swivel below AND above your float to get least line twist possible

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