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Big Jon downrigger wiring

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I need to revive this topic. Unreel, are you stating 10awg from the DR motor or battery to plug? The reason I'm asking is because I came across an older (but new in box) Big Jon electric I want to install and it has a lighter socket type plug on the end. I know that wire is not 10awg, maybe 14 or even 16. I am thinking of running 10awg from my starting battery (fused-20amp) to a lighter type socket but leaving my DR wiring alone. Anyone else who has thoughts on this are welcome to join in.

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I ran 10/2 to my close rigger outlet and 8 AWG to my far rigger outlet(10' and 20' runs respectively from battery).  These were for cannon mag10 STX's, and yes the wiring was much lighter (prob 14) on the downrigger side of the plug.  No issues in 5 years. 

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Not an inline. Wired to a fuse panel right near the battery. So those wire sizes were actually from fuse panel to rigger outlets, my bad.

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This may help in your wire selection. Running from a fuse panel will work. The length of the wire run will also enter into the equation so if you have long runs from the power source (fuse panel, battery etc.) check to see what is recommended but you don't have to be direct to a battery.


Amperage Capacities for Standard Non-Metallic (NM) Cable
14-gauge wire 15 amps
12-gauge wire 20 amps
10-gauge wire 30 amps
8-gauge wire 40 amps
6-gauge wire 55 amps
4-gauge wire 70 amps
3-gauge wire 85 amps
2-gauge wire 95 amps


Big Jon downrigger wiring basics






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