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24 volt help


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I need some advise, I'm putting a 24 volt trolling motor on my wife's boat....don't let her know cause she'll be really pissed :lol: I'm not allowed to put any fishing stuff on her boat, so I'm mounting a trolling motor and chartplotter strictly for safety reasons. She's gonna be so proud of me. :inlove::inlove:

My hang up Is the 24 volts. I don't have room for two extra 12 volt batteries, Any Ideas?

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Don't laugh Hank, but I already did that. I made room In the front for one battery by adding a nice little compartment, but I can't fit two. Maybe I just need to try harder. I'll just tell her I needed to add a compartment for the kids life vests. It looks stock and It's under a cushion anyway, so I doubt she'll even notice.

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A bow mount will never fly with the wife, and I have a Navigator 5500 laying around from when I had my Lund. It was underpowered for that boat but should be perfect for this one. It mounts on the outboard and I don't think she'll find that as offensive. I made the mistake of telling her It was her boat when I bought It.......and she actually took me literally :( .

I'd prefer the extra weight In the front, so I guess compartment #2 Is being added tomorrow. She's really going to be happy with me If she figures out what I did :*

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