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Another auto pilot question.

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Have a 262 penn yan competitor. Also have a t9.9 with tr1 gold love it. But like anyone that fished this year it was bumpy. My 9.9 struggles when it 3 ft and bigger. Its just to hard with cavitation. A couple time heading into wind i ran my main has the 454 in it carb sucks normal conditions i troll way to fast. But 4 ft rollers it holds 2.3 2.4 perfect. Looking for a inexpensive auto pilot for my main. But i might be ok with kicker i turned down the gain it stopped flapping back and forth this fall. But would love the second option. Of the main. 

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I run the same kicker/TR-1 setup on a Penn Yan 255 and have the same problems when it gets too rough.

I found it works if I run my main motor with the steering locked straight ahead, drop in a couple trolling bags so I can run 900-1000 rpm and  then let the kicker with the TR-1 steer.  This also lets me fine tune my speed with the kicker and the bags help a lot to calm down the boat.

Only negative is the extra fuel of running both motors.  


Adjusting the "sea state" setting on the TR-1 really calm downs the kicker 

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