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for sale : usa Wild turkey art

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I have a Maynard Reece wild turkey conservation print (signed and numbered) and stamp in excellent condition along with a large( 170+ pages with images) coffee table book of his waterfowl artwork. Like to sell both for $80. 

Original painting by Eddie LeRoy. Already framed, signed and inscribed on the back. This is not a copy or print. He is a nationally recognized wildlife artist. 12”x16” overall size. $ 300.9E3B9215-5BEF-4DF1-9E25-3275526D84BF.thumb.jpeg.3528dd5de7d71f2c8037247c84942681.jpeg 1D0E9A55-3544-4F12-915F-DC118DF63FD7.thumb.jpeg.bd590a23894b7e30ef9c7e02fea3c405.jpeg746C7E7B-C371-45C3-8FB1-F7C19D2DB0B9.thumb.jpeg.ea66b949b69cd2e59af5505d31b26ac7.jpegDA93FD47-CB84-4743-A812-A2A56E0F9D09.thumb.jpeg.257c27f5bc882305cf109d858ab1872f.jpeg


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