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Bass Pro Shops Ice Fishing Suit. Size 2XL. Parka has detachable hood and belted waist with bib pants. Small burn hole about an inch on inside of the right sleeve. Similar to RefridgieWear brand. Has an attached compass on the chest. Will box and ship for cost. 20191216_075550.thumb.jpeg.c35284340445ee7aa671c20782e11989.jpeg20191216_075604.thumb.jpeg.3b9c8670494a87af10ec4c512db036fe.jpeg20191216_075612.thumb.jpeg.94749ba4790522e99a1daa3fca2cb7bb.jpeg20191216_075632.thumb.jpeg.98bfa3dc9007d4c2440eb3d6392fd7c7.jpeg20191216_075638.thumb.jpeg.2797f0693962085c9c2e521b4fb3dd28.jpeg20191216_075703.thumb.jpeg.a100ddbbf95982ac52657fef10b9f198.jpeg20191216_075712.thumb.jpeg.c325191fd0195713fa4c6945dbc4d9ae.jpeg20191216_075819.thumb.jpeg.5e02ef7b2487ea67f17cdf2b8767e04e.jpeg
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How much

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