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Good night river eye and a great morning ice bite!

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Cold weather has kept them snapping, was able to coax a nice 28 to hit in amongst the ice cakes.....the window was short, had to go right at dark and within an hour the sticks wouldn't even work as the ice cakes would wreck their retrieve. A good hit on the pause and a few pics and I released my 2nd 28 of the winter season. Today, tired I took my son and his buddy to run some tip ups on early ice and as a dad I was blessed with a great bite for them, as the weather warmed today, the flags flew, nothing on a jig, just BIG shiners and suckers doing the work. My son took a pb with a 26.5. His buddy was getting the eaters on his turns then my son said.....go ahead......take that flag.......and his buddy was blessed with his pb......a 29!  I told my son.....your one heck of a friend, ha ha ha.......but a great couple of days none the less.....happy holidays all.
















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You know I was just thinking , ilyk2fish2, so instead of me asking where you caught them,what you caught them on ,what color and all the rest, prolly just be easier if you took me with you.

Seriously, great work , it was your turn to have the ability to turn to your son years from now and say "remember that time we stuck it to them walleyes"

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