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Cannon dual axis adjustable rod holder

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Just curious if the base is 4 inches what prevents it from working in a 6 inch track . I have used them on a friends boat without  really paying much attention. I think I like them better than my Berts but not enough to justify the cost of switching out 6. I have 36 inch tracks behind my riggers and two 6 inch ahead of my windshield which have only been used once for a net holder.Kinda useless when the top is up but work ok for step pads.

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you not only want the tracks long enough to hold 2 of the rod holders but the allow enough room to keep the reels apart. I used 24" tracks with 3 rod holders and my reels were to close for me. so I added another 24" track. now I have room for 3 holders and another one for the net. I recommend a 36" track for 3 holders. and a 24" track for 2 holders. I use the daiwa 17 size reels with power handles.

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