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Are we in for an easy and soft winter?


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According to the NOAA we will not get any decent freezing weather until the middle of January, while at the same time the water coming into the lake from rivers and streams is plentiful and in the low forties.

These things put together may mean that the winter die off of alewives (and salmon) may not be as severe as other years. Could it be that winters with lousy ice fishing opportunities are in fact good salmon survival winters?

I can't help thinking of that winter six or seven years ago that (at least in Rochester) was no winter to speak of, but the salmon was of spectacular size in the spring LOC derby and Niagara County Pro-Am first day had every participant boxed out by 7.30 in the morning. with record size fish. 

If the winter cold does not rear its ugly head, we may be in for a record summer, where we o.d. on salmon and go pan fishing for relaxation.

Besides , if there is no big snow pack to melt off , there may not be so much crazy high water

You guys have a happy and peaceful new year and let's work to make fishing a great joy again.

Let's all raise a (virtual) glass, give thanks for last year and drink to a blessed and plentiful 2020

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For western NY & on the east end of Big-O, I'm expecting a lot of lake effect snow due to the warmer lake temps.  Late, if any ice formation on Big-O except on the shoreline due to spray effect & barely any on the fast moving rivers & streams.  Last couple of years have seen a lot of the big snow storms from the mid-west go quite a ways south of us & well out of the drainage basin.  Not sure how the Jet streams are acting but we'll probably get hit with an artic blast come mid Jan to mid Feb as we usually do.  


Hopefully a warmer than usual winter which would be great for the alewife population.


Happy New Year!


Tom B.


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