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What happened on Johnson Creek?


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The article says the creek is 6ft deep and very muddy. Might have gotten stuck in mud, lost his footing and went under with his feet stuck in the mud. But no telling what actually happened.

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That's exactly why I refuse to wear breathable waders.... The neoprene waders float when you fill em up with water... I jumped into a pool with waders on and did the back float perfectly..
I've deep sixed a few times during the old January waterfowl season and If I didn't have neoprene waders on, I was finished
Condolances to the young man's family

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I want to say that a medical emergency played a role in this and drowning ultimately was the cause. Even at a young age, you can pass out, have a seizure (my brother suffers from epilepsy and is otherwise perfectly functional) or have a heart attack. I grew up around that creek and have fished small tribs for years, would just seem to be almost impossible to be done in strictly by drowning as an able bodied adult. In any case, it is a sad an awful story, my heart goes out to that family.


I lost a buddy to the Genny a few years back. He was a worship leader at a small church and was exploring the river with friends on a rainy day. I believe they were next to the falls (below it) trying to tiptoe around a ledge. He went in, came back up and waived that all was well, then he went back down never to come up. They found his body much further down river. He left his wife a several small children behind. That's why I like fishing with at least one other guy and trying not to tempt fate, no risky crossings or precipices for me. 

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The water was high and cold. 

If you fall in over your head , the cold will shock you pretty good . If there is current and you don't know what to do and panic , I could see it happening . 


I parked at Mr Salmons and walked down the Cliff  to the Archers hole . I tripped on a branch and fell in over my head .  I can still remember the shock of how cold the water was. It was 20 deg that day . 

I left immediately and by the time I climbed out and got back to the truck, my clothes were frozen . 


With the we amount of traffic on the streams in the winter , I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often . 

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