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2018 Starcraft fishmaster 196. Transoms


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9 hours ago, Ibester said:

Gotcha. I wont have that problem.  I dont think. Lol. I'm Repowering b4 spring,  and adding a kicker.  Never had a kicker b4.  So we will see

Just remember that a tow vehicle and trailer can create some angles that might not be apparent looking at the combo on flat ground. Even though it's inconvenient I usually drain the kicker and main and trim them both up  appropriately before travel.

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I have learned to this point, that transom savors can damage the motor and not under warranty.  The most important thing is to stop movement during travel.  Wedges with steering locks are the preferred way of travel from any motor and boat manufacturer.  Fyi. Thought I would share 

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I have a transom saver on my 21’CC. I have an aluminum trailer that flexes so I also tie the front of the boat down to the loop on the front of the trailer. Loop was factory installed.

I broke the screws on the transom saver mount a couple of times towing from Ottawa to Port Charlotte ,Florida.

Once I put the strap on , I never broke any more screws.

200 2 stroke yammie on the back.




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