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Cayuga 1-4-20


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Launched out of Deans in the winter boat (sonar read 2'- it's getting real shallow). Headed North into a North wind with moderate to heavy rain. Looked for fish in 80-200 fow but did not have a good screen at all. Eventually found quite a few suspended fish in 30-45 fow, very few were associated with bottom. We got some lakers to hit a small stinger scorpion frog pattern spoon with a white back-they only hit that spoon (had 1 on each rigger and one as a cheater and they all took a fish once and the cheater on the 30' rigger took 2 fish). Fish mood seemed negative, marked only a smidgeon of bait. What didn't work: 1.) going slow or fast, 2.0-2.4 surface was the ticket. 2.) Flasher fly combos on wires = ZIP. 3.) Spoons and or stick baits on 8 color or 4 color. Good to be back on the water after a long deer season.Fresh fish dinner was fantastic!



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