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for sale : usa Downriggers - Vector

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3 used downriggers + 2 other downriggers for spare parts or to repair. They need a few things but did work fine everyday when I removed them from the boat to install the new ones.


The few things needed are: small square mounting plate, power wire, small screws to mount switch housing and end boom roller.


Best reasonable offer. 









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Yes, this is the best I have, I can take a pic tonight of what I have left, i think I have two plates for vectores plus risers, probably 6 inches total if I had to guess, the aluminum ones are 3-4 if I'm not mistaken. I have the thumb screws, they worked out great for when you wanted to take them off but leave the mounts, in my case I did this when I put a cover on my ranger. The pic shows my old mounts, now i have 6 inch cannon swivels. 


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