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Port: Mayers Marina, Irondiquoit Bay (Rochester)

Boat: 23' Celebrity Cuddy-350 IO

I'm a rec fisherman trying to learn a few new tricks and this site sure has helped.

If you dock or launch out of I-Bay, the river or anywhere close give me a shout on the VHF, channel 8 most of the time. I have two vhf's on board so I should answer.

Also I would like to know if anyone else on this board docks @ Mayers????

I am a Estimator for a heating & cooling company here in rochester. If your looking for central air condition / heating or anything related PM me on this site and we can talk. LOU member discount!!!


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I am at Mayers also.

Wellcraft 210 Coastal.

Just Fishin' but name not on boat.

Blue Bimini and just added Atlantic Towers fishing arch.

Mainly weekends, and occasional weekday morning except during derby time. Headed to Wilson this weekend for all next week.

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