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We headed out before first light and were greeted with a angrier than expected lake. Didn't bother us or the fish. We crushed browns all morning in pockets of water that were slightly warmer than the rest. All of our rods took multiple shots but our best baits ended up being a long shallow bay rat in emerald shiner and a green alewife super slim. Even got a bonus laker. My cousin got all the nice ones and every time it was my turn I got a dink. I already can't wait to get back out.








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Pretty much every fish we got Saturday was thick and healthy. We had one with a big lamprey on it, which went back in multiple pieces. But that was the only one that I recall that had a mark on it. We did a few skippys also, which I was glad to see. This is my second trip out in a couple weeks, and these were the first little guys i had seen. We have got a good number of fish that did not run the tribs this season!!! They were munching on gobies, had a few that were spitting them up when they came aboard!!

Capt Rich

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55 minutes ago, Yankee Troller said:

Nice job, we fished that water Monday.



Thanks. Yes I seen your Facebook video last night. Great vid. We couldn't keep our short diver in the water once I figured out what spoon they wanted. 

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Great fishing congratulations. From the pictures I can see you are close to shore. What was the water depth and temperature? Trying to schedule my first trip up to Lake O for spring browns. Thank you.

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