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‘76 Sea Nymph FM-160 Fishing Machine Boat Rebuild

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I have two types of Kicker Motor brackets.  I posted picks off the other Garelick that I bought previously in this thread.  Here is the other one. I am leaning towards using this one as the other unit may drop the kicker too low.  This Garelick unit requires an 8” foot print and we have 9” available (same side as the big motors steering arm).  I think it just might fit.  

I do like the idea of trolling silent with a remote control bow mount Electric as well. 


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I purchased a mid 80’s Evinrude Tracker 9.9 Long Shaft motor, electric start, as my kicker.  

I think it sits fairly well with the intake just below the water line.   We can also raise it all the way up when running at high speed or in transport.


I paid $400 from a guy on Craigslist.  It’s an electric start, and I got a replacement impeller with it as well.  I saw it start and run, no problem.  

I purchased a new electrical switch and start button off Amazon. 





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We had the Boat out fishing 2x in 50 degree weather.  Nothing biting.  We tested the 70 HP motor, top speed of 35mph.  We need some help with throttle cable adjustment and motor tune up.  The motor starts a bit rough, maybe the cold weather; Probably needs carbs cleaned.  

Slowest speed on the 70 seems a bit too fast for trolling. 


The pics are from before the mounting of the 9.9 Kicker. 




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