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Rod holders


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I have 4 of them, ordered them from Cabela's, as stated they are very strong, adjustable for all kinds of attachment points, they work on the gunwales of my Old Town Sport and on the thwarts of my Raddison, even hold a fly rod.  I do add a tether to them in case they loosen up, so they are tied to the boat, but they are a fine product.

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If you cut a couple of washers out of thin plastic sour cream lid etc and place between the cradle and the clamps tighten up very tight you can adjust rod angle with out loosening the clamps . If you suddenly come in to shallow water pushing down on rod buts quickly raises the rod tips. I've done this for years pulling BIG muskie lures and last year with dipsey's.

I would only do this with the double clamp model but then again thats the only one I would use.

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