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I am gonna GIVE AWAY this last remaining cannon low pro swivel base.......FREE!!!!! $60.00 shipping though

4 cannon deck plates, $20.00/pc + shipping

Lowrance LCX 17m. It is missing the gps part of it. What the deal was is I got this a couple of years ago. It worked fine, but i found a good deal on a LCX 37c (monitor only) So i swapped it out. It does include a 200khz transducer and power cord, but would need the nmea backbone and a gps puck for the gps to work.... Paid $800, $400 +shipping??

1 berts track, 6 inch off of a planer mast,make offer.

1 tite-lok flip style holder, $10.00

If my project doesn't go any better than it did tonight there may be WAYYYYYYYYYYY more stuff coming.... Most of it broken though..... [email protected]

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