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Cayuga: Best Time

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I like to stay on the West side coming out of Deans Cove. I often hit the middle for a while when I make the turn up north or down south. The East side straight across for me is either super hot or next to nothing so it can definitely be worth at least a try. Laker fishing on the East side is typically good to very good out front of Wells College, just north of Long Point State Park.

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Fish April, May or June--FLEAS HIT IN JULY.


The entire lake can be good.  We stay in Romulus and launch according to wind. 

On west side Deans is closest  and T falls is 12 miles south--

South wind, we'll put in at Ithacca

and a strong east wind will make us drive 45 min to east side launch.


April, May & June allow for great fishing and fish are rarely below 50'  most from top to 25' deep over various depths.


good luck


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Thanks for the replys

A romantic weekend and your taking the boat. That’s almost as bad as me heading out for cod and my wife standing on the beach with two kids .

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