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Using triple tree rod holders with planer mast

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How does everyone like using triple trees rod holders with fixed angles for planet board rods. (Not in-line planers). Looking at Picking up a pair but haven’t used them before.  Looking at running three planer lines per side. The ones I have in mind aren’t adjustable for angle as those are just not in the budget this year. 

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I think you will like the fixed trees. I have adjustables and prefer them because I can fold them down to make them shorter to fit under my 8' garage door, but honestly I usually set the holders all at the same angle when fishing. The fixed holders have an extra straight tube at the top which is nice to store an extra rod, or even your net.


I use mostly inline boards, but still like to use my big boards in the spring and fall when my baits are running at similar depths. I think they work equally as well for both types of planer boards.


I would make sure you get trees that can swivel so you can turn them in for docking and trailering. Most manufacturers have this as either a standard or available option. 

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I built my own rod trees with aluminum tubing and clamp on adjustable angle and position rod holders. Got a flanged base and mounted it. Also put on planer board masts on them. I used springs on the planer pulley and shock absorbers at the boards to not ware down the masts. Overall they work great you can move them all around in different angles and cost a way lot less than anything you could buy.

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