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Downrigger bracket

Doug H

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I just bought a new 1800 Sport Angler and I'm wondering the best downrigger bracket for my boat. I don't have it yet but I think it has the sport track inboard and outboard. I also have a Berts I beam that will go gunnel to gunnel that will accept downriggers and rod holders. Should I get Lund's downrigger bracket that attaches to both inboard and outboard sport tracks and adapt them to accept a Berts track and the Berts I beam or get the Cisco system track and put the Berts in that track?

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I have the same boat. Multi species fish catching machine. Just saying
Anyhow. I use the older downriver bases. They are black and mount into the track and set screw into outside track. Rock solid. Have Mag 10’s
On both corners
The newer mounts look and feel weak
due to the mount system - 1 lock in point being the track only.
I use the same black rigger base for side cannon rod holders. Again really solid. I mount a tree or dual axis cannons for walleye board trolling.
Good luck. You will love the open fish area on this boat.

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