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Hardtop Planer line setup.

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Hey everyone, I apologize for asking a question that I know I saw answered on here in the past, but I can't find it. I am looking for pics of the setup for planer reel and line for a hardtop. The setup I am talking about is where the reel is attached at the stern end of the hardtop and the line runs to the bow end and attaches to a spring and pulley. I think maybe T. Bromund or Lonngline? posted pics of the setup. I wish to use the pics as a reference. Setting up the trophy for the first time for spring fishing! Thanks, Tank

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Here's our setup Tank. Wish I had a better pic for you than this.


The planer reel is attached to a grab rail on the back of the hardtop. There's a Big Jon pulley attached to the teak trim on the front of the hardtop. Just make sure you use big enough screws when you mount the pulley....there's an awful lot of tension on those tow lines sometimes!

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