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Best fish of the season so far!


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Saw the barameter gonna take a dive tonight and some snow come in so I loaded up and to the river I went. Fish started off pinned to the bottom, no hits on the pause, but almost hitting a snag that starts thumping. Was able to work a few eaters but fishing was slow. As it approached midnight I walked to a different point and was met with a short hit. I saw the fish role and thought it was a good one. Feeling I didnt pick the fish to bad, I walked away to fish another area and let thing settle down. I returned to the point about a half hour later with no bites, as the snow started, I walked just below the point at what appeared to be a small eddy of current and casted, almost immediately I got hit. At first it didnt feel big, then it took off into the river current, twice. Thought it was a big northern,  but as it got near shore I hit my red light and saw a big glowing marble. I was able to get her landed, and at 30.5, she is my best fish of the season so far......a couple of pics and off she went to fight another day. 



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Was fortunate to add another 28 to the list lastnight, fish have been finicky last 2 nights and the rivers are clear and prime.  Had a good buddy give me a tip to twitch retrieve with a longer pause to give to presentation of a dying minnow drifting down the current and twitching once an awhile. I was stubborn to try, didnt want to fish my stickbait like a bobber, but finally decided to and was almost immediately hit. They wanted almost no movement on the bait tonight,  crazy......just when you think you have them figured.......she was also released after the pic.




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One of my most memorable nights was so dark you couldn't see the horizon, we would throw the sticks out into the rapids and just listen for the slurp.  It seemed like every cast for 30 minutes one of us had a hook up.  Those are some nice fish.  This weather pattern holds and we should have a very good close this year.  Thanks for posting.

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