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Chowder & Reel Doc Cayuga 2/2/2020


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The Chowder n reel Doc team dropped the boat in at T-Falls at 7:30 am and trolled North. Very consistent action on wire divers pulling white spinny +green fly and silver w/ green dots spinny+ silver/green fly. With the exception of 1 laker and 1 salmon on the 40' rigger we got a 2 man box on the wires (reg divers on 2 with 145' and 112'). Worked back n forth across 65 to 250 fow @ 2.4 surface. Ran an 8 color and a 5 color off the boards with different stick baits to no avail. Ran into Zeke and Cyn when we were pulling the boat out, always good to see you folks! Water is pretty skinny at the launch.






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50 minutes ago, Reel Doc said:

Always a pleasure to be your first mate.  Definitely nicer than last Winter's Taughannock adventure that featured a frozen launch and stiff North wind. 🌊🌊🌊


Ah, yes- the trip when the batteries went dead and it took forever to get the kicker going

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Ran down RT89 yesterday I did not stop but Cayuga looked as low as Ive ever seen it.Should have taken pictures.

Water looked to have a lot of stain.But You are right the weather looks good.

I will probably dig my boat out this weekend just to get the motors serviced and try to find places

to put the junk  in the boat I bought over the winter.

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