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Fish hawk transducer mount


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Why would you want to do that? The transducer only reads data from the fish hawk probe which is attached to your downriggers that are almost always at the back of the boat. There would be only negatives that I can think of to attach it to your bow mount TM. You're already dealing with blowback from trolling and currents which I've had push the probe out of range before (rarely, but it happens) and that's with the transducer on the transom. Now you just moved the transducer another 20ft forward by installing it on the bow... not a good idea.

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Basic concept is you want the transducer as close to the probe as you can. If for some reason you were using the probe up front I guess it would better. But for 99.99% of people that have a fish hawk... the transducer will be on the transom. It's not like a sonar transducer where mounting on the bow would let you see stuff you wouldn't see with a transom mounted ducer, it only reads info that the probe sends.

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