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Vinyl flooring


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1 hour ago, bettieanne said:

I live in kendall, ny. West side of rochester. Tyee, I looking for marine grade. Had it on my crestline and loved it, textured for anti slip.

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Ok, I have a few providers here in Ontario. Bit of a hike for you lol 

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When I replaced all the flooring and side panels in my boat last year I used nautolex marine vinyl. I measured how much I thought I needed and ordered it from defender marine online. It came as one big roll which made it easy to trace out a pattern. Before I ordered the actual vinyl, I ordered a sample card to see the exact color I wanted. It worked out well. The nautolex is not cheap, but  is great stuff. 

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It's pretty easy and laid out great. Did the whole floor in 1 continuous piece. I really like the nautolex vs the old carpet. Hose it down and its clean. If your going to take the time to re-do the flooring you might as well use a good quality product so your not doing it again anytime soon.


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I had one old boat. I took a ride on it a little and decided to restore it, add comfort so that it looks great, and picks up speed. I understand the technical component, so I quickly picked it up and implemented it. And with the paneling and floor had to sweat. I decided right away that I would lay vinyl laminate flooring. I chose a special glue and picked up the tools necessary for installation, but everything started to go away after a month. I had to give it to specialists. It turned out that the glue is not the same, and for boats, you need three layers with three different adhesives.

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