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Grumman 17 ft aluminum


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1996 was in the era of the OMC boat group, Sea Nymph, Lowe and Grumman were basically producing the same boat at that time but labeled as one of the three.

So much like a Sea Nymph, which if you have been on here for any length of time is a loved boat by those who have a 19, this is obviously just smaller.  Flooring and transom is the thing to look at in a boat from that era. 

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I have a 93 Sea Nymph GLS 175
Which has an aluminum floor from the factory, just wood over the gas tank. I know Lowe was an OMC like Sea Nymph but didnt know about Grumman. If it is OMC it would have an alum floor in 96. My transom is still good. That always depends if everything was properly sealed during its life.

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Last Spring I decided to replace the floor in my Grumman CC 16 footer, 1988. (it sold on this site last May)
 After taking the battery and tank out  from under the splashwell, I noticed  that the transome was very soft.

There was about 10" of exposed  wood and you could scrap it away like it it was wet cardboard.   After removing the motor , and transome trim,   it was apparent how bad the decay was.
I removed all of the original transome and made a new one from 3-layers of 1/2" marine grade plywood.


So be sure to stick your head under the splashwell and poke around with a screwdriver to look for soft wood.


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