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Apparently our Gov has allotted a buttload of money for dredging.  


Sandy creek and Johnson Creek are two of many . 


With all the high water is anyone having trouble with getting in or out of port ? 


Is there some other reason for this I am missing ? Seems like a waste of funds . 

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Even with high water, wind and waves will move sand around putting it where it's not needed. I had heard that at one north shore port larger inboards ( props and rudders under the boat ) were being towed in and out last summer.I'm sure that Wellington On. had the channel dredged last spring. So I read a forecast where the levels the first 4 months of the year would be higher than last year yet May to Aug significantly lower. Can't get my head around that yet.

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The US Army Corps of Engineers, in their Dec. 2019 predictions states:

Lake Ontario declined from November to December, and was 11 inches higher than it was the previous December, 19 inches above the LTA, and 8 inches below its record high. Going into January, the lake level is forecasted to begin its seasonal rise, and exceed the levels that they were last year. Over the forecast horizon, levels are expected to be 2 to 8 inches higher than they were last year for the first 4 months, and 15 to 23 inches below levels from last year in May and June."

It would be nice to think they are right but with all the upper lakes at or near record levels, I think their predicted levels for May and June for Lake Ontario are overly optimistic."
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I think predicted levels are taking into account that we have minimal snow pack up north.  Leads me to believe that they are not expecting to have to reduce flows for 8 weeks to save Montreal from raging Ottawa flows again like they did in 2017 and 2019.  If that's the case it will be our savior for this summer.  The rest of the great lakes wont be so lucky.  2020 is going to be bad bad bad for Erie on up.  No saving them.

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