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Purchasing a Salmon NET..need ADVICE

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I had a nice Cumming net that went to the bottom of the lake (almost jumped in for it, still regret it).


I purchased a new one in July and I like the length of the reach but the size of the basket is to small for the mature salmon.


My cumming had big basket but the pole was not long enough.


Any advice for a wide net with a long reach?




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2 hours ago, Drebs12 said:

Which hoop size do you use


I have two of each and I think these are the ones I have.






I want to swap out the netting on the smaller to the new rubber nets...


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You can also call Cummings directly. They will make anything you want as far as hoop size and net depth. Handles are available up to 16 ft believe it or not. Got 2 from them a few years ago. Price was right and nearly indestructible

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