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Orleans County Open Update

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The are many exciting new developments happening on the Lake from the tournament perspective and the Orleans County Open is one of those with some new twists.

 First we are implementing an AM division and eliminating the need for Observers so the following format will be followed.

Pro Division:

10 total Fish Box; 5 Salmon 5 Trout only 3 can be Lake Trout

Am Division:

6 total Fish Box; 3 Salmon 3 Trout

There will also be some Scoring changes:

All fish will be 10 points per fish and 1 point per pound except Steelhead they will be 20 points per fish:

This change was implemented after feedback from participants as to the concern of targeting Lake trout in the event, as it is counter productive the USGS goal of restoration efforts of Lake trout In Lake Ontario. 

Since the cost of an observer is typically $100/day the teams will be saving $200 off the cost of fishing the event.

The new price to fish the event will be:

$500 per Pro boat; Plus what ever side pools you want to participate in (Ex: Calcutta, brackets,) you need to fish the pro division in order to participate in the additional pools.

$300 per Am boat

Both events are 100% payback


Looking forward to seeing you all at the event:

The OCO Committee

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