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Vinal boat windows, 15 yr followup

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Probably 15yrs or so ago when this was the fingerlake board, before it was LOU. I did a little article on cleaning boat windows.The pictures are gone.At that time my windows were 5 yrs old. Now they are 20 yrs old.... I do not use them now as much as when I was on Lake Ontario.Probably 12 yrs up there. I don't tow the boat with them up anymore. Still use them on the fingerlakes.However I still clean them up on a annual basis, These are some pictures of my boat canvas today.It was today's project and I thought I would share with you folks.My camera is old and does not take the best pictures but I do think you can see how good of shape the windows are in.There are a few holes poked in the windows that I taped up with clear gorilla tape.  The windows have not yellowed and are still flexible.The canvas is in great shape to.When not in use I fold them up and put them under the seat. I just sprayed it on and wiped it off with a microfiber towel.The last picture is looking thru one of the windows to the outside..


I don't sell the stuff but its something that really works.....Plexus spray,,

Its the stuff they use on jet canopy's If its good enough for the military its good enough for me.

Hopefully I can follow up in 5 more years,I doubt 15yrs.







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