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I really don't see the need for concern about this . 


If the kings get caught lake wide from where they are released , what difference does it make where they are penned? 


Also in the past they have been released early because of high temps  , or so I'm told . 


And the released fish stay around the creek for a while and the flying rats feast on them as I have watched this happen . 

Would rather they drag them out in the lake and release them or from a helicopter or at dusk . 


My only worry is I hope in 3 years we have a good return of trib run fish as I like to fish them then . 


Before pen rearing , they just dumped them in and the fishing was great back then and kings were in every trib . 



I guess we will see . 

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Let me clarify this post....


These are the only ports that will be getting Chinook Salmon stocking this year. Niagara, Olcott, Oak Orchard, Genesee, and Oswego will be pen rearing 100% of all stocked fish at these sites.


Niagara River
Oak Orchard
Genesee River
Oswego River
Salmon River
Black River (Jefferson County)
These sites will be receiving ZERO Chinook stockings for 2020 and this includes pen rearing and direct stocks. 
Wilson Harbor
Sandy Creek (Monroe County)
Sodus Bay
Fair Haven
South Sandy Creek (Jefferson County)
This isnt about just eliminating pen rearing at these sites but all stocking at these sites.
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2 hours ago, Silver Fox said:

Before the pens Our kings came from Caledonia. Kings would be stacked up come August. It hasn’t been the same since they stopped doing king there.

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I know all that . Which is reason for the pens . But the jury is still out and studies say that the pens don't have the returns hoped for . The fish are still imprinted to the hatchery water . 


Would love to see them raise some Calidonia kings again . 

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My son saw the DEC tanker truck at Webster Park Pier today..What would they be stocking there at this time- Browns and Rainbows?

The Rome Hatchery had zebra mussels in the Hatchery. They are dumping browns in Lake O from the Hatchery to keep those fish out of lakes without mussels.

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Power stocking is happening all over the state due to the virus.  The scenario is if one hatchery worker gets sick the entire hatchery staff has to quarantine for 14 days... That would not be a good outcome for the hatchery.  I think the DEC is doing the best they can right now with the circumstances they are under as we all are trying to either keep guys working or our supply chains running for our own income sources.  Every day is a new challenge that we have never thought of.  Stay healthy everyone. 

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