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Shed clean out(salmon/trout gear)

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Lot 1 is 8 dipsys 3 of which are mags includes some snubbers. $60 Adjustments.JPG


Lot 2 is spindoctor, protrolls 8 inch. 18 total and 2 storage boxes. $150Adjustments.JPG


Lot 3 is 3 big weenies and 23 larger flashers 26 total and includes 2 A-Tom-Mik flys $225 Adjustments.JPG


Lot 4 are brown trout/ steelhead spoons. 102 total. 68 are 3 1/2 inch stingers and 34 are. 3 1/4 customs. Comes with mini maxi mate box.. $340Adjustments.JPG


Lot 5 are salmon spoons. 187 total! bottom picture are mags 65 of them.. all a mix of stinger, moonshine, NK, silver streaks and DWs. Comes with special mate box... $560 Adjustments.JPGAdjustments.JPG


I would rather not ship, and prices are firm. I’d do it as a package deal for $1100.



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