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Preferred Scope for a .308?


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I've got a higher end scope for sale built (reticle) for a 308, so obviously that one.  pm if interested.  First question would be, what are you using the rifle for?  Hunting deer in thick woods or ringing steel at 1k?

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I bet you can get Nikons cheap now, as they are no longer producing rifle scopes.  For hunting around here, i'm still a Leopold guy.  I bet you can get a VX2/VX-ii 4-12 for under $250 or so if you look hard enough.   A lot of people will say go Vortex which isn't a bad option, but I prefer leupold of the nikon and Vortex I have for hunting.


here you go:https://www.ebay.com/itm/Leupold-VX-Freedom-4-12x40-Riflescope-1-inch-Duplex-Matte-Black-178253/392691929012?epid=22036498199&hash=item5b6e434fb4:g:-DkAAOSw97peS4j-

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